Sit ‘N’ B’ Fit provides specialist programmes of Exercise, Movement & Dance for the 50+ age group.

50+ Exercise, Movement & Dance programmes consist of tailored exercise together with dance routines with set physical objectives.

We use music and fun as motivators to ensure our clients reach their full potential.

Our classes involve a lot of social interaction and are a great way of meeting new friends and becoming more included in your community.

Our core value is to provide gentle tailored Exercise, Movement & Dance to maintain and sustain independent living to improve mental and physical well-being.

Chair Based Exercise

Under our specialist arm of 50+ exercise Sit ‘N’ B’ Fit can provide therapeutic chair based exercise which can help to reduce the effects of inactivity improving mobility, flexibility and muscle strength.

This helps to aid the reduction of issues such as falls and enable the recovery of many health conditions such as obesity, stroke and chronic long term conditions.

Seated exercise can be adapted to all ages and is beneficial to those who have not participated in exercise for a length of time.

We also tailor exercise to people with specialist health needs who may be excluded from mainstream exercise.

From the Seat to the Feet

As part of our specialist Sit ‘N’ B’ Fit arm we pride ourselves on the focus of progression. If participants are able we encourage them “from the seat to the feet”.

We show a clear progression from the seat to the feet with confidence. All of our sessions are tailored to the individual’s needs.

We can also use therabands, light weights and other equipment during seated exercise depending on the individual’s activity level.

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