Inactivity increases the effects of the aging process which will lead to a reduction in speed, joint range of movement, physical strength, endurance and bone density (osteoporosis).

Reduced activity levels result in a decline of independence, which increases feelings of isolation, and a reduction in self-esteem that can result in depression and anxiety.

It is important to remember that there are very few people that are not able to undertake some form of physical activity.

Under our specialist arm of Sit ‘N’ B’ Fit we can provide therapeutic chair based exercise which can help to reduce the effects of the aging process improving mobility, flexibility and muscle strength.

Seated exercise programmes can be adapted to all ages and are very beneficial to individuals who have not exercised for a length of time or those who may have health issues that may prevent them from participating in mainstream exercise.

Many tools can be incorporated into seated exercise programmes such as therabands and light weights depending on the individual’s activity level.

Sit ‘N’ ‘B’ Fit’s core value is to provide gentle tailored exercise to maintain and sustain independent living improving mental and physical well-being.

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